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Ultimate Party Rental Agreement

Ultimate Party Official Rental Agreement

1. Reserving Equipment: Quotes and proposals do not guarantee availability of rental equipment. Equipment is not considered reserved until the agreement is signed, a credit card authorization sheet is completed and a 50% deposit has been paid. All unsigned order/contracts will be treated as quotes and will not be reserved until this information is complete. Ultimate Party may charge a fee of $25.00 on all returned checks. All sales are final on rental orders.

2. Additional Charges may apply if: (a) the site is not ready or accessible when the crew arrives; (b) the tent and rented equipment is not ready for prearranged pickup; (c) delivery or pickup is from any location other than ground level; (d) all tables and chairs are not stacked and ready for pickup; (e) customer requires an exact time of delivery/pickup or before/after normal business hours; (f) food service items are not food or drink free.

3. Loss or Damage: Client shall be responsible for any losses or theft of rental items, and all damage to rental items beyond ordinary wear and tear, while in the possession or control of the client. *In the event that equipment is not in good working condition, client agrees to call Ultimate Party within 2 hours of delivery and, at Ultimate Party’s discretion the item will be replaced or reimbursement will be offered for the non-working item. In the event that the client fails to call within 2 hours of delivery no credit or refund will be offered.

a. Damage Waiver, Missing Items and Cleaning Charges: A 10% damage waiver is charged on all rental items. It covers accidental damage from normal usage. Damage Waiver does not cover loss or negligence. All damaged or broken items must be returned in the provided container. *Please discuss this with your caterer and/or site manager as they will be the ones handling your items. Missing items are not covered under the damage waiver and will be billed after the event. Damage waiver fee is non-refundable. Additional cleaning charges may apply if excessive cleaning is required upon return of rented items.

b. Linens and drapes must be dry before being placed in bags and containers or they may mildew or may be otherwise damaged. Linens must be returned particle free and shaken of all food.

c. Dishes, glassware and flatware must be rinsed and particle free and returned to the proper rack or container they were delivered in. All equipment should be assembled/gathered at a single location for pickup.

d. Client shall inspect the rental items upon pickup (for will-call orders), arrival/or upon installation.

4. Ultimate Party has no responsibility to move any non-rental items. If, as a courtesy, Ultimate Party agrees to move any non- rental items, such activity is at client’s sole risk. Ultimate Party shall not be liable for any damage arising therefrom. Provided Ultimate Party takes care to protect such surfaces, Ultimate Party shall not be responsible for any damage to pool decks, flooring, grass, tracks or other surfaces on which client requests Ultimate Party to drive, walk or install rental items.

5. Delivery: Our Standard delivery and pickup charge is dependent upon your location, within our normal delivery hours (Monday-Saturday 9-5pm). Delivery and Pickup is to ground level and to an easily accessible property. Delivery can be scheduled at any time during the day, but there is additional charges for deliveries or pickups outside our standard delivery times and days. Please give specific event details for a more accurate quote (Additional charges may apply). For will-call orders, client agrees to return to Ultimate Party the rental items by the agreed return date. If the order includes delivery and pickup, client agrees to provide a secure storage location and client accepts all risk including damage to and liability. If multiple trucks or other forms of transportation are required additional charges may apply, capacity of transport vehicles is at the discretion of Ultimate Party. Delivery and pickup times are estimated time. Ultimate Party will make every effort to honor requests, but actual times may vary due to truck routing, event location, scheduling and traffic. Ultimate Party will do its best to contact lessee in the event of a significant change in delivery scheduling.

6. Access: If Ultimate Party is delivering or installing the rental items, client shall be responsible to: (a) provide or obtain access to the event location and areas required for Ultimate Party to unload, stage and install the rental items; (b) ensure all rental items will fit into the venue, including doors, elevators and stairwells; (c) coordinate the work of Ultimate Party and the work of others to avoid undue delay in Ultimate Party’s ability to perform the services and install and remove the rental items in a timely and efficient manner; (d) ensure a safe, clear path or ingress and egress for delivery and if applicable, installation, of the rental items; and (e) unless installation is included in the order, fold and stack the rental items, rinse and re-rack all dishes, wipe down all catering equipment and return all rental items to the drop-off location for Ultimate Party to pick up. If client has any questions about the space needed for Ultimate Party to unload, stage and install the rental items it is client’s responsibility to

ask. Client is responsible for any delays or extra costs associated with providing insufficient access or space. Tables and folding chairs should be folded up and carefully packed in a clean, dry location that is convenient for pickup. All rented items should be assembled in a single, clean, dry location that is convenient for pickup. Items not meeting these conditions will be subject to additional charge. All flatware and serving pieces and china must be rinsed and free of food residue after use. The client agrees that rental items will not be moved from the delivery location by anyone other than Ultimate Party.

7. Setup and Breakdown: Our standard delivery service does not include setup or breakdown for tables and chairs. This can be arranged for additional cost. Tables and chairs should be stacked and ready for pickup. Tables, chairs and boxes are not weather proof, please do not expose them to rain or harsh weather or a damage fee may incur.

8. Safety, Laws and Liability: (a) Client is responsible for obtaining all permits and/or licenses from the appropriate government agencies. If permits or licenses are denied for any reason, client remains responsible for all obligations pursuant to this agreement. Client shall not move the rental items from the address at which client represented they were to be used. Client shall not use or allow anyone to use the rental items in any illegal or unsafe manner. Client shall not allow any person to use or operate the rental items who is not qualified or who has not received and understands the safety and operating instructions or who does not utilize all required safety equipment. Client shall comply with all applicable laws which apply to the use of the rental items during the renal period. Client will take all necessary precautions regarding the rental items, and protect all persons and property from injury or damage while in possession or control of the rental items. Client agrees to indemnify, defend and hold harmless Ultimate Party from and against any and all liability, claims, judgments, attorney’s fees and costs, including, but not limited to, injuries or death to persons and damage to property, occurring while the rental items are in the possession or control of the client, arising out of the use, maintenance, operation, possession, or rental of the items rented, however caused, except for arising through the sole gross negligence or willful misconduct of Ultimate Party. (b) Client is fully aware of injury or damage arising out of the use or operation of the rental items and voluntarily assumes all of the above risks. Client agrees to release and discharge Ultimate Party from any and all responsibility or liability from such injury or damage against Ultimate Party which client otherwise may be entitled to assert, except to injury or damage arising through the sole gross negligence or willful misconduct of Ultimate Party. (c) Under no circumstance will Ultimate Party be liable for any loss of profits, savings or business, or for any other special, incidental, indirect, exemplary, contingent, punitive or consequential damages arising out of or in connection with the agreement or the services, without regard to whether Ultimate Party has been advised of the possibility of such damages. (d) For Inflatables: (i) All inflatables must be setup in an area which they can be monitored at all times, they cannot be left unattended; (ii) it is the renter’s responsibility to make sure the inflatable is kept clean and in working condition. If any damages are made to the inflatable or any of its equipment it will be at the renter’s expense; (iii) the renter must supervise at all times that the safety rules are followed. No children under the age of 18 years of age can be left alone on the inflatables; (iiii) no food, drink or silly string is permitted on the inflatables at any time. Failure to follow this request will result in additional cleaning fees; (v) in the case of weather conditions, client must contact Ultimate Party by 8 am the morning of the delivery to make other arrangements. Cancellations can be made with the option of refund or reschedule depending on the future availability of items. If client cancels the items, it will be cancelled for the remainder of the rental period with no guarantee that Ultimate Party can deliver if weather conditions improve. Client must make cancellation arrangements prior to receiving rented items, once items are received by the client location or on the truck to the location the sale is final and no reimbursements can be made.

9. Tents: (a) Client shall be responsible for locating underground utilities and other structures and marking them accordingly. (b) Tents are designed to be secured using stakes or, for asphalt or concrete surfaces, concrete anchor or blocks. Client accepts full responsibility, and shall indemnify, defend and hold Ultimate Party harmless, from and against any claims or damage to persons or property resulting from client requesting any tent be installed and secured in any other manner. Ultimate Party is not responsible for repairing asphalt or concrete surfaces damaged in connection with the normal installation process. (c) Client agrees: (i) prior to the time Ultimate Party is scheduled to arrive for installation, to clearly mark the exact location of the tent and have installation area cleared; (ii) to have a representative present at the time of tent erection; and (iii) to have the contents of the tent, other than rental items being picked up by Ultimate Party cleared out before the date the tent is to be taken down. In order to install or takedown a tent, Ultimate Party must have a clear unobstructed space that is larger than the tent by at least 10 feet on each side and end of the tent. Client shall be responsible for additional charges for any delay incurred, or additional labor, resulting from Client’s failure to prepare the installation site in accordance with these specifications or Ultimate Party being required to relocate any tent which was installed according to client’s original instructions. (c) Tents are rented on an “AS IS” basis. Although the canvas and vinyl fabrics of the tents have been treated for water repellency, Ultimate Party disclaims any guarantee or warranty as to the effectiveness of such treatment, or that the fabric of such items will not stretch, shrink crack, fade, tear or leak. (d) From the time Ultimate Party’s crew leaves after

installing the tent, client shall maintain the tent(s) in good condition. Client shall make no alterations to any tent without Ultimate Party’s prior written permission. Signs or banners shall not be affixed to the tent top or walls and may be hung only from the “D” rings or wall rope on the side valance of tent, or from ropes strung between tent poles. DO NOT USE TAPE ON TENT TOPES OR SIDES. Client shall not allow cooking, fire or any combustible materials under or within twenty (20) feet of the tent unless such items were included in the rental items and were installed by Ultimate Party. Any such cooking, fire or combustible materials included in the rental items are not moved from the locations in which they were installed by Ultimate Party. (e) Tents are temporary structures and will not withstand strong wind, rain, lightning, earthquake or other conditions. A tent installed in a safe manner may become unsafe due to such conditions. Client has responsibility to monitor weather and other conditions, especially wind, and bears all responsibility for the safety of persons and property and the decision whether or not to evacuate the tent and tent areas. Client is responsible for developing an evacuation plan for tents and client should ensure its on-site personnel are thoroughly familiar with tent evacuation procedures. In the event of a predicted or actual extreme weather event, Ultimate may decline to install, or may dismantle, any equipment, for the safety of Ultimate Party’s and Client personnel, Event attendees and others.


Company Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Cardholder Name: ________________________________________________________________________________ Credit Card Number: ________________________________________________________________________________ Expiration Date: _____/______ Verification Code: _____________
Billing Address: ________________________________________________________________________________ City: _________________________ State: _________ Zip Code: _____________
(Address where monthly credit card statements are received)

Primary Phone Number: _________________________ Work Phone Number: _________________________ Cell Phone Number: _________________________ Fax Phone Number: _________________________

Lessee understands and agrees to the terms as set forth in this agreement Lessee agrees to pay and authorize lessor to hold a credit card as security for rentals and to charge the credit card for services provided. Lessee authorizes lessor to charge the credit card for any additions to the order places by lessee or any agent who is working on lessee’s behalf including but not limited to event planner(s) and cater(s). Lessee agrees to pay for any lost or damaged items within 10 days of being notified of said loss or damage. Lessee further agrees that in the event lessee’s credit card becomes invalid, services may be withheld until a valid credit card is provided. Lessee understands and agrees to contact lessor, in writing, to contest any contested charges, and will give lessor 30 days to resolve the matter before lessee contacts the credit card company.

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