Slushy Machine $150.00 up to 8 hours

Slushy Machine $150.00 up to 8 hours

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Supplies not included in price.

Frushezz Flavors 64oz $13.99 each

  • #1240 Lemon
  • #1241 Cherry
  • #1242 Blue Raspberry
  • #1243 Grape
  • #1244 Fruit Punch
  • #1245 Orange
  • #1210 Orange Cream
  • #1246 Margarita
  • #1247 Strawberry Daiquiri
  • #1248 Piña Colada

*For Margaritas and Daiquiris, production is faster when you put the liquor in the cup and then add the frozen drink to it. Otherwise the liquor makes it difficult to freeze to maximum capacity.

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